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The Emotional Wellness Cleanse Challenge!

Get an Emotional Detox to Boost Your Energy

  • Cleanse from toxic emotions
  • Let go of negative emotions
  • Get an emotional mindset shift
  • Identify your emotional traps
  • Start a new emotional experience

We help build human capacity for success and high performance with great results.

Your People Drive Your Business

No matter how fancy the utilities, equipment, inventory, or cutting-edge technology a company uses, ultimately, humans are their greatest asset
Humans provide value for customers and profit for the business. Keeping your employees content and happy instantly affects the company’s innovative capacities and financial growth.

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Get a framework for well-being and tips to apply well-being competencies and strategies to your workplace. Gain tools to expedite the journey of well-being at work. Learn about the well-being intelligence curriculum and more.



Revolutionize Your Wellness Program

Transition from basic wellness activities to enterprise-wide well-being applications.

The Most Compelling Inclusive Wellness Strategy

Moving from singular wellness activities to holistic well-being applications.

Enterprise-wide Application

Can be applied across the organization for maximum impact.

Accessible to All

Not limited to enrollments - Everyone benefits!

Integrate with Existing Training

Easily weave well-being into your current training modules.

Powerful Response to Health Crises

A robust strategy to combat burnout and mental health challenges.

Whole Person Approach

Looks at employees holistically, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive well-being strategy.

Reduction in workplace accidents

Improvement in work performance quality of work

Reduction in Absenteeism

Less voluntary attrition

Relational Leadership Training Course

IWS helps employees and leaders improve their skills to elevate relationships and dynamics at work to build a resilient and thriving culture of well-being.

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IWS provides leadership and employee development coaching and training in interpersonal relationships, conflict management, collaboration, and workplace wellness. We have improved professional skills, knowledge, and relationships at work for over 27 years.

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"I leave my sessions with Joyce feeling more relaxed, focused, and with a deeper understanding of what I need to do to support my team"
Robert Cornelius
"My coach training experience at IWS was exceptional and beyond expectations. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and practice with the team at IWS."
Karen Kanigan
"Joyce and IWS Inc. has been a great support for our leaders using the Relational Leadership and nine-dimensional wellness process. The leaders report that they learned a lot and are applying these strategies in their work."
Petra Rapmund

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