Well-being Intelligence Curriculum Facilitator

Become a well-being intelligence curriculum facilitator.

Our first-of-its-kind annual curriculum uses science backed learning and development strategies to build one well-being competency per month that fosters well-being intelligence and gets to the root of what underlies the ongoing mental and physical health crisis in the global workforce.

The Well-being Intelligence Curriculum™ facilitator training powerfully prepares you to equip employees with the skills and competencies to live and work well. 

Key Features of the Well-being Intelligence Curriculum Facilitator Training:

Strategic Integration:
Learn to integrate well-being competencies into corporate policies, training, and job roles.

Behavioral Transformation: Learn mindset shifts and behaviour changes for lasting organizational growth.

Agility and Relevance: Learn and tailor to diverse organizational needs, supporting ESG and CSR objectives.

Resilience Building: Learn to foster ongoing learning and development that drives meaning and purpose to engage employees and prevent burnout.
Monthly Competency Focus: Learn the uniques monthly competency teaching of a core well-being competency per month.

Comprehensive Support Tools: Learn to use a range of wellness strategies such as challenges, micro-courses, assessments, workshops, webinars, coaching, and audits to attain well-being at work.

KPI Alignment: Learn to align well-being initiatives with key performance indicators.
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Well-being Intelligence Curriculum Facilitator

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Well-being Intelligence Curriculum Facilitator

WISF01- Foundations of Wellness Improvement System - WISF01

There has never been a better time to offer wellness inclusion as part of a workplace wellness system. When done appropriately, wellness systems will empower, inspire, and motivate behaviour and lifestyle changes. Learn: The neuroscience of Wellness improvement • The foundations, scope, uses and functions of wellness improvement system and the theory of WIS • Key perspectives, theory and strategies of workplace wellness.

kind words by students

Our Students Love Our
Approach to Learning

“Joyce’s teaching in a very short time has helped me to build the right skills to feel confident as a Life Coach. Thanks for creating such a great program”
“My life has been changed dramatically by all the energy Joyce puts into working with her students. Thank you.”
Tim Grouette
"Joyce and Interpersonal Wellness program has been instrumental in my journey to becoming a better person and coach. Joyce knows her stuff and teaches what she knows very clearly and professionally."
George Naugle
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About the Author

Joyce Odidison, MA. MCC. CTDP.

Joyce Odidison wears many hats – from an international Keynote Speaker to a pioneer of the groundbreaking Well-being Intelligence Curriculum. With a career spanning over 26 years as a Conflict Analyst, Professional Trainer, University Lecturer, and Master Certified Coach, Joyce has consistently broken barriers. As President and CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., she has designed transformative training sessions and curricula, including the Global Workplace Wellness Summit and an ICF Approved Coach Training program.