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Breaking the Cycle of Conflict Communication

Breaking the Cycle... Turning Stressful Work Chats into Productive Dialogues.

Imagine starting a conversation with a colleague to address a simple workplace problem, but you are unable to get through to them because of a miscommunication.

You walk away feeling defeated, and your colleague walks off feeling unheard or, worse, disrespected.

This scenario plays out all too often in the workplace...

This course offers employees and teams a range of skills to change negative conversation patterns to improve workplace communication.

If you are looking to improve workplace dialogue and negative cycles, this course is the best way to reduce stressful drama and improve positive interactions.
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About the Author

Joyce Odidison, MA. MCC. CTDP.

Joyce Odidison is a pioneer and Thought Leader of the groundbreaking Wellness Improvement System and Well-being Intelligence Curriculum. With a career spanning over two decades as a Conflict Analyst, Professional Trainer, University Lecturer, and Master Certified Coach, Joyce remains dedicated to learning and development. As President and CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., she has designed and created many life changing programs such the first ICF Approved Wellness Coach Training program, the Global Workplace Wellness Summit, and the Wellness Competency Academy that provides well-being training and coaching for professionals and their families. She continues to provide well-being training solutions and support for EAP plans, HR, Health Plans, Health care professionals, Coaches and Consultants and individuals looking to identify and mitigate their well-being risks.