Global Workplace Wellness Community of Practice 2022

Learn to lead and develop wellness in the new world of work. Join the wellness competency teaching and a growing community of workplace wellness professionals who are doing more to establish the wellness of leaders and professionals around the globe.
Immerse yourself in the wellness competency teachings.
Professional Community
Get ideas, tools, strategies and coaching to build your workplace wellness practice.
Develop your skills
Learn the tools used by the world's top professionals.
Read. Watch. Learn.
Boost your confidence, master the field of workplace wellness with relevant and timely information.

Join The Global Workplace Wellness Community of Practice

Join us to explore the monthly wellness competency teaching and conversations. Learn how to create relevant wellness conversations for employees and teams that are timely, engaging, and dynamic.
Participate in discussions, get wellness competency coaching support and activities to develop your teaching toolkit.

  • Build your wellness conversation skills
  • Add new wellness tools to your toolbox
  • Explore the wellness competency teaching concept
  • Collaborate with other professionals on wellness practice and activities 

Global Workplace Wellness Community of Practice

Join the weekly wellness conversation sessions with timely coaching and strategies to boost your wellness tool kit.

As a bonus, your get access to recordings, lectures and strategies from more than 50 wellness professionals from around the globe who participated in the latest Global Workplace Wellness Summit.